Evolving Perceptions

Die with memories, not dreams!

If you’re having Fun, you aren’t Learning

Hey y'all! Today I'm back for the sake of hence another discussion. Many people believe that: ‘If you’re having fun, you aren’t learning.’ Well, I beg to disagree with this statement. I fervently believe that learning is as natural as... Continue Reading →


Spring Delicacies: My Ethereal Recipe to an Immaculate Coffee

Today, I bring to you one of my premier recipes in the celebration of flat whites and espresso martinis. My Exclusive Guide to a Premier Cappuccino  {Servings: 2 Mugs- 350 ml each} {Prep time: 5 minutes} {Total time: 7-8 minutes}... Continue Reading →

Book Review: ‘All The Light We Cannot See’

Hey dear reader! Welcome back to the blog. Yes, today this blog requires none other than a book review post. 'All the Light We Cannot See' Anthony Doerr I'm sceptical that I'll ever read a better historical fiction novel than... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Literacy

Hey everyone! I'm back after presumably my longest break ever, thanks to culmination of my o'levels. Now I've time to bring to life the intricate thoughts my brain harbours. Today's discussion will feature a cardinal topic that needs more discussion, awareness... Continue Reading →

The Call of the Sea

Hola Hola! Yeah, I'm back like I promised! *I'm a lady of my word ;)* So, lately I wrote about Mother Nature which I absolutely loved writing about! Just because there's so much of that extensive topic, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Mother Nature

Today I'm back again with another topic to discuss! A topic that keenly deserves your attention in a life where we all, Homo sapiens, are engrossed in our busy schedules to achieve the marks we set! Striving in this struggle, I'm awed by the fact that how easily we forget to relish life, to walk out in nature witnessing a thousand miracles! Let's jump right into what I've to say.


Halo Everybody! Okay, so I'm back! Hehe :p Today, I wanted to publish my thoughts on a topic that I, being a keen animal lover strangely not really thought about that much. Yeah, the answer is Animal Testing! So this post... Continue Reading →

Book Review: ‘Wonder by R.J. Palacio’

Hello to the beautiful one who's reading this! I fervently hope you're all safe and sound! Okay so this very time, I wanted to transfer my thoughts to this blog enlightening ya'll about a book that I encountered and I... Continue Reading →

Courage… What does it mean?

Hey everybody! I sincerely hope y'll rocking your lives!😋 Today, I wanted to share my thoughts about something that actually I freakin' don't comprehend even up till today! Yes.... *drum-roll please* it's 'what is courage!' It's pretty fascinating how one so uncomplicated... Continue Reading →

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